Before and After

Before and After

Clinical Photos

Before and After 30 days

Plaque Blast TM – Figure 1

In the before picture (top), notice the blisters on the front tooth and the redness on the gums and tartar on the back tooth.

In the after picture (bottom), notice the improvement.

Figure 1 –  Plaque Blast TM

NOTE: The same pet, one year after being treated with Plaque Blast TM is treated with a competitive product called Plaque Attack TM.

In the before picture (top), notice the redness in the gums around on the front tooth.

In the after picture (bottom), notice some improvement in the gums there, but notice the middle teeth have  new darker lines. More importantly, the back tooth shows a build-up of tartar, and the gums are more red.

Figure 2 –  Plaque Attack TM

Plaque BlastTM Usage

Veterinary Cleaning Post Op
Veterinary Cleaning Post Op
6 mo. 1 x per day
6 mo. 2x per day
Please note that it is much better to use the product 2 times per day. Therefore, use it 2 times per day, in the morning and in the evening.

Lab Photos

Before and  After 1 month & 10 months

Note: A laboratory experiment was designed to exam the effectiveness between Plaque Blast TM and Plaque Attack TM at reducing tartar. One ounce, sealed glass bottles, each received tartar from the same patient . All photos are to scale! 

Figure 3 is Plaque Blast TM : The top photo is the before one. The middle photo is after 1 month. Notice the reduction in size,the fracturing, as well as loss of color. The bottom photo is after 10 months. The tartar was reduced to 3 specs. The largest is shown on a red background in order to see it! It is smaller than the width of the pencil line (in the number “2”), below it.

 Figure 3 is Plaque Attack TM :

The top photo is before. The middle photo is after 1 month. Note NO change in color, Nor reduction in size. The bottom photo is ater 10 months. Still very little change – which did not suprise me, since Plaque Attack contains no ingredients to reduce tartar.

Figure 4 – Plaque Attack TM