COVID Therapy Mouth Rinse and Nasal Drops

COVID Therapy Kit – Nasal Drops and Mouth Rinse

COVID Therapy Mouth Rinse and Nasal Drops


Dr. George received a U.S. Patent, #11,179,415, on November 23, 2021.   It is for the process of using chlorine dioxide for treating COVID-19 by disabling, treating, or attenuating the SARS COV-2 virus and all its future variants. You will be using it “off label”, from its labelled instructions. Nu Confidence (NU C.) is not FDA approved for use on COVID-19 and NO CLAIMS ARE MADE THAT IT IS!

Dental White & Fresh™

Dental White & Fresh TM is a flavored CLO2 mouth rinse. One must add 16 oz of tap or bottled water to it before using. It has the same deadly microbicidal properties as NU Confidence but is only gargled and swished as a mouth rinse. It fights those Coronaviruses that have proclivity for the oral cavity, via the tonsils and parotid salivary glands, such as the Omicron variant and its sub variants BA.4 and BA.5.

Nu Confidence™

Nu Confidence TM is an unflavored molecular chlorine dioxide (CLO2) mouth rinse. It is bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and the forerunner of Dental White & Fresh TM mouth rinse. It is unflavored and used as nasal drops to reach through the nose to the sinuses to fight Coronaviruses that have proclivity for the nasal passages, and sinuses, such as the Delta variant.

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In 2020 Dr. George began researching to see if it was possible to treat or attenuate COVID-19 by disabling, treating, and or attenuating the Sars COV-2 virus which is responsible for COVID-19.  He found that just like the Coronavirus that causes the common cold the Sars COV-2 was also denatured and oxidized and made inoperable by denaturing the amino acids that are numerous at the base of the spike protein.  The amino acids most numerous there are denatured and susceptible when the tube collapses, preventing viral envelope’s contents from being transmitted to the host cell.  Once CLO2 begins to react with organic matter it breaks down into water, oxygen, and common table salt.

Dr. George found in his research what he had hypothesized:  Aromatic and sulfur containing amino acids would be very sensitive to CLO2.  Those amino acids that are important building blocks at the base of the spike protein in Sars COV-2 and its variants are dealt a deadly blow.  Guanine, a nitrogenous base, that makes up part of the virus is also oxidized.  Those are the ones that undergo oxidation and modification which are critical for Sars COV-2 to reproduce and spread to other cells.  Therefore, the formation of a complete functional virus is blocked by CLO2 oxidation.  He was granted a patent for that discovery on November 23, 2021.

Use the Dental White & Fresh mouth rinse according to its instructions. You must add 16 ounces of water to the bottle before activating it. It particularly treats the Omicron virus and its variants that have a propensity for the oral cavity, particularly in the parotid glands, and tonsillar pillows. Just gargle / swish and swallow every two hours during your waking hours.



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