Dental White Product Instructions

Dental White Product Instructions

See video demonstration (of tray fabrication and syringe filling)   under the “Videos” tab, or watch on Youtube.

Congratulations! You are about to begin a similar teeth whitening procedure performed only in dental offices for hundreds of dollars. Dr. George started the home teeth whitening craze worldwide, when he developed this professional home technique in 1989. Since then, over 8 million have enjoyed similar in-office, professional results at home, for a fraction of the cost!


Dr. George’s Dental White® is intended for COSMETIC purposes only, and is NOT to be used as a medicine or a drug. It is not recommended for individuals who have braces, ill health, recently completed gum surgery, have bad gums or decayed or sensitive teeth, exposed roots, jaw joint problems,  periodontal disease or allergies to the ingredients. Do not use tobacco products during bleaching sessions. Do not use during pregnancy. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN! This product should not be used by children under 18 without approval of a dentist and parental supervision.  In case of accidental overdose, do NOT induce vomiting and contact a physician and/or poison control center immediately. Do not use this product in any other way other than as described in the instructions. Do NOT attempt to use any household bleaches to increase product strength. 


The surface of your teeth may seem smooth, but if you look under a microscope, there are noticeable pores. Stain-causing foods and drinks get into these pores causing teeth to darken over the years. The active ingredient in Dr. George’s Dental White® is hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is extremely small in size and easily enters your tooth’s pores, following the same route as stain-causing foods and drinks. It takes several minutes for the peroxide gel to be absorbed by your teeth, thus the necessity for custom trays. The trays prevent saliva, with its peroxidase enzyme, from causing the peroxide to form regular oxygen and water. Therefore, inside the tray, active oxygen is released, and the tooth is lightened by the actual conversion of colored compounds to colorless compounds. The teeth can be whitened in 2-3 weeks. The Dental White™ process is not only a more effective method, but a safer one – due to the reduced treatment time. 


See  for a video demonstration (of tray fabrication, and syringe filling)

The Dental White™ kit comes complete with two applicator trays; one is for your upper teeth, and one is for your lower teeth. Each mouth tray you are about to fit will conform to your teeth and gums producing a custom fit.




The Practice Run: Fill a pot with 3”of cold water. Hold the tray by the very top of the tab with the “U” shaped channel facing you. Place the tray into the water being careful to keep your fingers out of the water. Lift the tray straight up from the water by the tab and use your fingers to support the back of the tray. Immediately place the tray over your teeth and perform the following:

  1. Press your fingers and tighten your lips against the front of the tray – this will form the outer surfaces of your teeth and gums.
  2. Press your thumb and tongue against the inside of the tray – this will form it to the inside surfaces of your teeth and gums.

 3.)   Continue to press your lips and tongue against the tray, and suck out all of the air and water from the tray.


NOTE: Make one tray at a time. Fit the upper one first. Place a mirror nearby, for assistance. Someone else timing you will make it more accurate, and easier.  Do NOT proceed any further until you are comfortable with the practice run.

FITTING THE TRAYS  (Upper  or  Lower) 

Caution: Once the tray is heated it becomes extremely flexible. When placing it in your mouth, be careful not to allow the edges of the upper rim of the “U” shaped tray to touch together.


1.) Fill a pot with at least 3” of water, so that the entire tray will be submerged when placed straight down into the water. Bring the water to a boil. Once the water is boiling, remove the pot from the stovetop.  Alternatively, you can use a coffee cup and a microwave oven.

2.) When the boiling stops completely, grasp the very top of the tray tab and put the tray down into the water for EXACTLY 6 SECONDSDo not submerge the tab in the water and be sure to keep your fingers out of the water at all times. Time 6 seconds CAREFULLY! (The tray has to be warm enough to mold, but not so pliable that it loses its general shape).

3.)  Do not wave the tray back and forth while it’s submerged in water. The tab is designed for lifting only! It will not support the tray once          it is pulled out of the hot water and is in a horizontal position. Lift the tray straight up out of the water so that the hot water runs off and out of the tray. Support the back of the tray with your fingers. Be careful to keep the edges of the upper rim of the tray from touching each other, and welding together. Keep the tab in the front and centered, during the fitting.

4.) Carefully and quickly place the tray around your teeth, and immediately perform the same procedure you practiced previously – be sure to bite firmly. Be careful not to bite through, or near the edges of the tray. Do NOT press the tab against the front of the tray.     

  5.) Keep the tray in position for 30 seconds, then place the tray under cool, running water to set to a firm shape. 

.) If the tray feels too long in the back of your mouth or goes too far under your lips for a comfortable fit, trim off the excess material.

  Reheat and readapt JUST THAT AREA.  If you inadvertently bite through the tray causing a hole, reheat just that area, pinch to seal it and

  readapt the tray.                                    

7.) Once satisfied with the general fit of the tray, cut the tab from the tray with scissors, and/or toe nail clippers.  Make sure the cut is flush as possible with the front surface of the tray.

8.) To get a professional fit in the front of the tray:  Again bring the water to a boil, then remove the pot/cup from the heat source, hold the tray by its ends, and submerge the front of the tray for EXACTLY 7 SECONDS.  Pour out the hot water, and place the tray back into your mouth. Firmly press as before, but also pinch firmly on the front of the tray. Bite together firmly, press, rub and smooth away the two protrusions left from the snip; and snugly adapt the front teeth to the tray. Continue to press your lips and tongue against the tray, and suck out all of the air and water from it.  Keep the tray in position for 30 seconds, then place the tray under cool, running water to set it.


NOTE: The tray will retain its shape by keeping it at room temperature and by protecting it from direct NOTE: The tray will retain its shape by keeping it at room temperature and by protecting it from direct sunlight. Treat the upper teeth first for 2-3 weeks, leaving the lower teeth as they are, in order to monitor your progress.  Alternatively, you can wear both upper and lower trays at the same time, but you must first fabricate the lower tray against the upper TRAY, instead of your upper teeth. To do so, use a thin coat of Vaseline over the outer, biting surface of the upper tray, to prevent the lower tray from welding to it, after it has been lifted from the hot water, during its fabrication.





Apply the gel into the tray using the refillable syringe. To fill the syringe, remove the tip cap first, and then remove the plunger completely from the barrel. Unsnap the cap and place the plunger end of the barrel over the nozzle/nipple of the Dental White™ gel bottle cap, and squeeze until the syringe is full, and replace the plunger.  If you apply the gel directly from the bottle, you can easily expel excess gel. If you do, then smear out the excess gel with your finger, to prevent foaming and drooling!


1.) With care, start at one end of the tray and syringe a continuous and thin a line of gel as possible, around to the other end. Syringe only enough gel so that when the tray is placed, the teeth are coated with little excess – this minimizes gel contact with the gums (SEE ILLUSTRATION).

2.) Place the tray into position over your teeth. If some gel seeps out over the edges, wipe off and spit out the excess. Apply less gel next time, to a point where little excess is created, and only the teeth are coated.  Better yet apply only a BB dot in tooth indentions.

3.) Wear the tray for 10-20 minutes per application, preferably in the evening, when you are at rest. After the first 10-20 minute application, remove the tray, and reapply a second appli- cation, then preferably, followed by a third – for a total wearing time of 20-60 minutes a day. Rinse the tray each day after the final whitening treatment.

4.) The Whitening Gel should be applied over a period of 2-3 weeks or until the desired whiteness is achieved.

5.) It is advisable not to wear the tray for several hours during sleep, as it may become dislodged, but some prefer to do it this way.


1.) Once your smile is restored, you can maintain it by mixing the whitening gel with your toothpaste, 50/50 and using it 2-3 times a week.

2.) Dr. George’s Dental White® will only whiten natural teeth, sometimes very dramatically. If you have yellowed or stained front crowns or fillings, you may find it necessary to have them replaced.

3.) Soon after beginning the whitening procedure, white spots hidden in teeth may become visible. Individuals who have worn braces may also notice similar spots. Do NOT be alarmed; they will soon disappear after discontinuing the wearing of the tray.

4.) Some mild sensitivity to the gums may be experienced. In the unlikely event that a significant sensitivity develops, smear some desensitizing tooth gel into the tray such as Sensodyne TM, and wear it for 10-20 minutes.  Then discontinue for 3 days, and then try again at a reduced wearing schedule. If sensitivity persists, discontinue use and consult your dentist.

5.) Do not brush your teeth with toothpaste immediately before wearing the tray. The astringent nature of toothpaste causes sensitivity.

6.) If your jaw begins to ache or if any problems not mentioned herein develop, discontinue use and consult your dentist immediately.

7.) If there is a single sensitive area on the gum, check your tray for roughness. If it is rough, reheat and readapt the tray in that area. Apply Vaseline® Jelly to the sore area for a couple of days for relief.

8.) Dr. George’s Dental White® is not tested on animals and uses no artificial preservatives. The basic formula has been tested in dental universities since 1989 for safety and effectiveness.

9.) Protect the mouth tray and whitening gel from heat and/or direct sunlight. Such heat may cause the tray to warp, the bottle of gel to swell or the gel to lose some effectiveness. Store gel below 85ºF.

10.) Results from using the system may vary from user to user. Yellow stains from tea or aging respond dramatically. Blue-grey stains respond poorly. Some stains from antibiotics may be very slow to respond; but using this product over several months can show improvement. It is advised to consult your dentist before using the product over the recommended 2-3 weeks.

11.) Since the gel is pH balanced, it is “activated” in the bottle and some oxygen is released building up pressure. DO NOT BE ALARMED BY PRESSURE BUILDUP IN THE BOTTLE, which can cause the bottle to expand.        HAPPY WHITENING,   Dr. George