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Dear Dr. George, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! Being a tea drinker myself, I would see yellow stains form on my teeth. I did everything to get them off! Spent money on this product and that product, but nothing WORKED! I found your product at a local Wal-Mart 1 1/2 weeks ago. From the start a saw a change, but after 10 days it was AMAZING, my stains was gone! For a product this cheap, and to work this good, I would have never imagined. Thank You again!


I have been using your product since 1995, and I cannot imagine what my smile would be like without Dental White! I never thought that I had a discoloration “issue” until people started commenting on how white my teeth had become. I became well- known for my “startlingly white” smile! Whenever somebody asks if I have good genes for my teeth color, I wink and tell them that my genetic “trait” can be bought at Walgreen’s for about ten bucks!! Thank you so much.


My husband and I just bought your system and right away, after one 20 minute application, we have seen exciting results. We did another 20 minute session and we got even more excited. We are confident that at the end of the 2 or 3 weeks we will have perfectly white teeth. The price is the best we’ve seen for a whitening system and we can’t believe how much bleaching product we get! We had tried another whitening system for around $15 and we were both like, “Do my teeth look whiter?”, “Is there any difference?” With this whitening system there is no doubt. Thank you so much!

Jenner C., Lawrence NJ

I initially bought Crest Whitestrips Premium and after a few applications decided I needed to try something different. The crest whitestrips made my mouth salivate heavily and I felt the strips were barely holding on. I also didn’t like the coverage provided by the strip, it was much too small. I picked up your kit @ Alberton’s and with the first 60 minute session I was much more impressed than the crest whitestrips. The initial whitening (which I now know fades once the tooth rehydrates) was much greater than the Whitestrips, my mouth didn’t salivate nearly as much, and the trays stayed in place. I have done 8 thirty minute applications (on both top & bottom) and the tips of my teeth are MUCH whiter, the remainder of the tooth surface is also becoming whiter. I look forward to seeing my teeth after another 8 sessions. The trays were pretty easy to form and keep the gel in place and in contact with the entire tooth surface. I would recommend your product over any other to anyone looking to whiten their teeth at home not only effectively, but also affordably. Thank you.


I live in the UK and bought your wonderful product whilst on holiday on Florida from Walgreens. I have run out and desperate to buy some more? Can I get it in the UK ? Can I order it direct from you? How? Thank you for changing my life.

Sandra S. UK

I was interested in trying Crest Whitestrips Premium but am a stay-at-home mom with a limited budget. When I saw this product … , I figured I’d try it. I NEVER smile with my mouth open. After just 3 days using your product, my smile is brighter and my daughters have commented on the difference. I can’t believe a product like this actually works. It is amazing. I can’t wait to see what I look like after several weeks treatment. Thank-you so much.


I’ve used your product over the past few years and have had tremendous success and will continue to order and use it on a regular basis. My 82 year old mother is also so impressed with my bright results, that 2 of the 5 tubes I purchased were for her and she’s now also using it.


I have been using your product for almost 2 years when I found it at Wal-Greens in Springfield, Illinois. I had professional whitening done around 4 years ago so I am able to use it with my mouth piece. It’s difficult to find now at Walgreens so I started surfing the net I was extremely happy to find your website. It’s a very effective product. Thank you.


I found your gel at a local CVS pharmacy, and used it in some inexpensive (non-fitting!) plastic trays. As the trays were cumbersome and very uncomfortable, I went to your website as found on the label of your carbamide peroxide gel, and researched your product, as well as some of the others listed as excellent in your chart. We appreciate your objective, non-biased approach to the issue, and felt that your quality and expertise appeared sound so we ordered 2 of your custom tray kits. Looking forward to the customized trays, although I must say, your hot water moldable trays are working really well!


I just HAD to comment on your webiste about this amazing product!! If everyone knew how well your system works, not a single person would have their teeth professionally whitened. After using it for just a few days, 30 minutes each day, people are noticing the difference in my teeth. Your product has produced the quickest results I have ever seen, and for such an affordable price! Thank you!!


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