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I just wanted to tell you that your product is the best. It really works! Within the first day I used this product I saw a major difference in my teeth. Everyday I use your product for 3-4 minutes and I have seen a total of 4 shades within one week. I love this product not only because it works, but because your product is at such a low price! Thank you so very much.

Spiro V.

I’ve been using your product for 3 days and already wow what a difference… I can only image how they will look in a few weeks. Its easy to use, no bad taste, and works like a charm. I put it on at night then I go around and pick up house, put kids to bed and read my mail. By the time I’m done, so are my teeth. Thanks again for such a great inexpensive whitening treatment.

Lisa D.

I just wanted you to know that this is the only product that I have used that actually worked!! I have only been using it for less than a week. I have seen amazing results so far. My mom noticed, and she went to get her some. Thank you!


I LOVE this product! I found Dr. George’s Dental White back in 1997. I remember using this product and it is hands down the BEST teeth whitener out there. I thought it did not exist anymore until I found this website! I am thrilled to know I can get my teeth to be the whitest and brightest they can be in the shortest time possible again. Take it from me, I have tried them all, and this product is amazing. I am a model so I get free samples of other products all of the time. (Between you and me, they stink!) Thanks Dr. George… I am off to the store to buy some more of your wonderful product!

A. Chandler

I used your product in 1995 in preparation to look nicer for my daughter’s wedding, and it really made a big difference! Continued to use it for a while and then was unable to find Dental White, and was very disappointed. Tried many other brands and wasted a lot of money; nothing compared to your Dental White!!! Decided recently to see if you had a web site and was so happy to find it and find a local supplier. Bought it last night and used it this morning. I saw a definite difference in just ‘ONE’ use!!! Can’t wait to see my new smile in a couple weeks. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS PRODUCT!!!

C. Henrich

Dental White must have been sent by GOD! I have used other products like Plus White and Opti-White, they dont even compare to you. I can not locate it in stores anymore. If I could my life would be much easier. I have received complements from strangers on my teeth. I have told everyone about Dental White, the problem is its hard to find. You guys are awesome!!!

S. Underhill

Thank you for your clear and to the point information about your teeth whitening product Dental White,and thank you for your honest comparisons to several of the store bought brands. It is often very difficult to determine what you are buying because the labels often exclude the information I most want. Or worse they make comparisons that are confusing or misleading. I am very pleased with the cost and availability of your product without having to play games in deciphering what I am buying. I get a lot of value for the few dollars it costs! But mostly I am not self conscious about smiling anymore!

T. Grier

I wanted to put my testimony in. It is amazing what Dr. George whitening formula has done to my teeth. I only used it for about a month, I would slip in it at night and take the retainers out by 3:00 every night, that was only a couple of hours. And the result: Everywhere I go people comment on how white my teeth are. The highest compliment was from my hygienist she commented on how white my teeth are. I used to hate my teeth they were stained yellow, but now I smile constantly and I tell everyone about Dr. George Whitening formula.

L.E. Edwards

I just used your product and after trying it for a total of 40 minutes, in 2 applications, I can see an incredible difference!!!! This is amazing!!!


I have people, strangers even, asking me all the time “what do you do to keep your teeth so white?” I tell them “dental white”. I have all my friends and family using it.

Marie S.

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